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Damon/Elena Shippers from The Vampire Diaries
introduction to the community.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Damon/Elena community from the CW tv show and book series by L.J. Smith, "The Vampire Diaries."

If you're a fan of this pair, don't waste any time and join! Only joining the community you will be able to see our entries.

However, if you are a Stefan fan and ship Stefan/Elena (or ship Elena and Damon with other people besides each other), THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. We will not be responsible for any hurt feelings. If your heart breaks every time someone mocks Stefan and calls him an Angel wannabe? This is not the place for you.

guidelines for good living.

Any post in this community MUST be pro-Damon/Elena. Any post bashing the couple, the characters, or Ian and Nina will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.
What IS bashing: "I thought Nina sucked in this scene" - What ISN'T bashing: "I thought Nina's acting wasn't really strong in this scene"
What IS bashing: "I think the Vampire Diaries books are horrible" - What ISN'T bashing: "I don't think the Vampire Diaries books are well written"
Same goes for any kind of racist, sexist, homophobic or intolerant comment.
If you think someone has made an inappropriate comment, please contact the mods and we will deal with it. DON'T DELETE OTHER PEOPLE'S COMMENTS FOR ANY REASON.

While one mod's deep dark secret is that she luuurves Stefan, we will never tell you which mod it is and the mod in question will deny it when asked; because of the nature of the community, some mocking of the other characters, especially Stefan, is natural. If your fragile sensibilities can't handle that, DON'T JOIN. It's okay if you ship D/E only on the show, BUT in a post discussing book!D/E, please stay away and don't tell us why you think S/E is better: we will delete the comment and we will ban you.

Put spoilers behind a cut! The books have been out for 15 years, so they don't count as a spoiler. What we consider spoilers:
- info on upcoming VD episodes
- info on new VD books
- info on a VD episode that's aired since less than 24 hours.

Don't be too off topic! Use your good sense. We don't care about what you ate for breakfast! Posts about Ian and Nina's solo projects, pictures, news about the show, etc. are all welcome - we love any excuse to stare at the pretty! If you have any theories or speculations, they are welcome too (as long as they are about Damon and/or Elena). What about Damon/Katherine?

If your post is only a link to your journal, where you posted your review/theories, that is NOT allowed. If you want to comment on the episode with us, there's the episode discussion; if you want to share a theory or speculation or some news, post it in the community, DON'T link to other places. The episode discussion is there for you to post your thoughts on the episode, there's no need to make another post unless it's long and essay-like.

If anywhere on your post there's the phrase "I don't know if this is allowed," that means you should have asked the mods' permission FIRST. If you're unsure if what you want to post is allowed? It's ALWAYS better to contact a mod first.

iv. TAGS
Tag your posts, please? Here is our tag list. We even have a tag for when you don't know how to tag a post, so you've got no excuse! If you've forgotten to tag, the mods will leave a comment in your entry to remind you, and you have 24 hours to add the tag. If you don't, the mods will delete the entry.

- Icon posts must have at least 3 Damon/Elena (or Ian/Nina, as long as they're together; Damon/Katherine counts as Ian/Nina) icons, and at least 1 D/E or I/N preview.
- Art posts must have 1 D/E art, and at least 1 D/E preview.
- Don't put Stefan/Elena (or similar) previews. It's gross. We don't like it. Just don't do it.
- Please link directly to the specific art post, don't just provide your journal's name/link.
- When posting art directly to the community (not linking to a post in your own journal), only include Vampire Diaries-related art in the post.

- The main pairing of your fic must be Damon/Elena.
- Put fanfics behind a cut! You can also link to your own journal, but no locked posts.
- You must use the following template (or a similar one) when posting fanfic:

- Every fanfic must have two tags: the "fanfiction" tag and the rating tag (ex. fanfic: t; see Fiction Ratings for clarification). Genre tags are optional.
- Use a subject line similar to: Fanfic: Title Fanfic (Part # of #), Rating

Please don't make more than one art/fanfic/screencap post in a row. Even if you have more than one chapter of your fanfic, put it all in one entry, or post one chapter and then wait a day before posting the next one.

- Don't hotlink from fansites! It's rude and it steals their bandwidth. Re-upload the pics you want to share to an image-hosting site.
- Don't just post a picture with a link "click here to see more." Post AT LEAST 10 pictures.
- Embedded videos must be 500px wide or less. Go here to find out how to make videos smaller.
- Tag your post! For picture posts the tags are really self-explanatory. pics: damon for a picture where there's JUST Damon without Elena (he can be with Stefan, Alaric, or whoever, but if there's no Elena, use pics: damon). Same for pics: elena, and pics: damon/elena is for when there's both of them in the same picture (even if there's other characters on the picture with them, you still need to use pics: damon/elena). If there's a Damon/Katherine picture, use pics: damon and then the other: damon/katherine tag. Those tags are paired with a pics: episode stills tag if it's a picture from an episode, or a pics: photoshoots tags if it's a "official" CW Vampire Diaries photoshoots (when they are "in character"). The same thing applies for the pics: ian, pics: nina and pics: ian/nina tags. Those may be paired with pics: behind the scenes, pics: candids or pics: photoshoots tags. If you're sharing screencaps, you need to use the pics: screencaps tag and ONLY that. If you're sharing art, you don't need to use any of those "pics: ___" tags.

Let's recap what goes behind an lj-cut, shall we?
- Spoilers, no matter how small.
- Fanfictions, no matter how short.
- Images (and videos) 500px wide or more, and several images.
- When making an icon post, you can put max 3 icons as a preview; the rest goes behind a cut, too.
- Any kind of long post or essay.

Do you have a community/event/site/etc. to promote? You are allowed to make a post promoting your site as long as it's TVD or Ian/Nina related. You may only promote your site once, unless it's a challenge type of site, where you are allowed a post each time a new challenge starts. Friending memes are NOT allowed. The community already has a Damon/Elena friending meme every few months, so if you're looking for D/E friends either wait for the next one, or check out the latest one.

Don't link to a locked journal! We want to see your fanfic/fanart/etc., and if you link to your journal and it's locked we can't. And it's annoying to have to friend your community/journal just for that. Also, don't block comments to your entries. Please refrain from using really big or colorful fonts when making your posts as well. Bolding a few words is okay, but don't make your post look like a rainbow.

Any post or comment made by a member of this community canNOT be copied, discussed or duplicated anywhere else without the EXPLICIT permission of whoever is the author of that post or comment. We want all our members to feel free to express their pro-D/E opinion without fear of that opinion being attacked somewhere else without their knowledge, even if that opinion may happen to bash another ship/character. If we catch someone doing this, the person will be banned.

If you post something you've found on another site, like a picture, a video, an interview, a spoiler, etc. remember to link that site! It's polite to credit your source. Also, when posting an article don't JUST link it. Copy and paste the text to the community, and then write the source at the end.

Moderated membership.
Pros and cons? This is the con.

For security reasons, the membership of this journal is moderated. That means that the mods will receive your request to join, and will approve/reject it. If your journal is brand new, and/or has few to no entries, friends or comments, You NEED TO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE AFTER CLICKING JOIN, otherwise you won't be approved.


Contact the Mods.
how to reach us.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., feel free to leave a comment at Page-A-Mod or email us at damon.elenalj@gmail.com.

memorable posts.

Mod Posts: Be up-to-date on the latest rules.
Page-A-Mod: Leave any questions/comments.
Tags: The community's existing tags.
Beta Reader Project: Check out if you are a beta reader, or if you are looking for one.
Weekly Recs & Requests: Now defunct, but you can still check out previous recommendations and fulfilled requests.
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