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Community Re-Design: Help Us Change Our Look!

Hi everyone!
We love love love our current look, created by the talented Nicole, but it has been up for two years now, and we think it's time for a change!
We know there are a lot of talented artists in our community and we are asking you to help us create a new look for damon_elena!
And we're also letting you decide what look you prefer by having a contest! Basically, we are asking you to submit an header for the community, created by you, featuring Damon/Elena (of course), and then we'll have a poll and you get to decide which header you prefer!

the rules
1) We are looking for a new default icon, a new profile picture (like this one) and a new header for the community. You can use any picture of Ian and Nina, in character or not (even though we would prefer in character). We want to keep the current layout, so the size of the header should be more or less the same as our current one. Same for the profile picture: use your judgement, we don't care about a couple of pixels bigger or smaller, but make it more or less the same size of our current one. The icon should be exactly 100x100.
2) Submit your graphic by sending a mail to no later than October 29th.
3) You can submit an icon, a profile picture, an header or all three (or just two of them). DON'T submit more than a profile picture or more than an header. You can however submit up to 2 icons.
4) On both the profile picture and the header, please write "Damon & Elena Livejournal Community" or something similar. You can add other quotes or lyrics of you want, but that has to be there. You can write it on the icon too, or leave it blank, your choice.

If you have any questions, the mods will answer them in the comments! We're looking forward to seeing your art!
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