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Damon/Elena Music Video Contest

DamonandElena.com is hosting a TAYLOR SWIFT FANVIDEO CONTEST! Yes, that means Damon/Elena fanvideos with Taylor Swift songs. Are you tired of Taylor yet? Well, too bad, because you're getting MORE! XD

Here are the rules of the contest:
1. Your video MUST be a Damon/Elena video. You can't use any Damon/Katherine footage, and you can't use any Ian/Nina footage when they aren't in character (interviews, red carpet, behind the scenes...)
2. Your song MUST be by Taylor Swift. Here (http://t-swift.com/lyricsarchive/) is a lyric archive where you can find all of Taylor's songs.
3. To make things a bit more interesting, here are three Taylor songs you CAN'T use: "Love Story", "You Belong With Me", "The Way I Loved You". This is simply because there are already A LOT of D/E music videos with those songs, and we'd like a bit of variety.
4. We're looking for HIGH QUALITY videos. That's our goal, to promote high quality fanworks in the Damon/Elena fandom. So please only submit your video if you REALLY know how to edit it, how to use textures and coloring, etc. Maybe ask some friends for feedback, and try to make the best video you can before submitting it. If your coloring is so dark we can't see anything, you're not being edgy, you're just giving us an headache.
5. We have no problem with you putting your signature on the screen, but please don't make it so big that we can't see anything, or so colorful that it clashes with the videos.
6. Your deadline is November 30th, 2010. The links to the videos with a poll where you can vote for your favourite will be published by the end of that week, and the winning video will be Featured Video Of Month at DamonandElena.com
7. Please write in the description of your video 'This was created for the Taylor Swift - Damon/Elena Music Video Contest"
8. Please don't cut the song; the fanvideos will eventually be in a poll together at the end, and it's not fair if a person worked hard to vid 3+ minutes of song while another just cut it in half.

You can submit your video by sending an email to irishxlovex@gmail.com or by leaving a comment to this entry (comments are screened) with a link to your video. The video needs to be uploaded to YouTube. If you have any questions, leave a comment here.
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