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Damon/Elena Kink&Prompt Meme

Welcome to the Damon/Elena Kink&Prompt Meme!
Don't know what a kink/prompt meme is? It's very simple: people post requests for fic (only for this entry, we're allowing anonymous comments too), and then others fill the requests. You can post as many prompts as you like, and there is no deadline for filling them. This idea is inspired by other memes like ai_kinkmeme  and st_xi_kink.
- You can post requests either anonymously or logged it, although we encourage you to do it logged in.
- Your request can be anything. "Damon and Elena cook in the Salvatore kitchen" is okay. "Damon and Elena have sex in the Salvatore kitchen" is also okay.
- Post only one request per comment... you can post more than one request, but please do it in MULTIPLE comments!
- Before you post a request, try to look at other people's requests to see if something like it has already been posted.
- Any rating and kink is welcome, HOWEVER the couple MUST be Damon/Elena. That means no threesomes, sorry.
- If you want to fullfill a request, please do so in REPLY to the comment with the request.
- When you post a fic, please use the subject line. Even "Untitled" is okay, if you haven't decided on a title yet!
- DON'T BASH! Being anonymous is not an excuse to act like a jerk. If you see something you don't like, either you report it to the mods (if you think it's breaking the rules) or you ignore it. Rude comments will be deleted, NO WARNING.
- You are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make. If you are not a fanfic writer, then we ask you to at least leave a comment to the fics being writter - it's a huge encouragement to fanfic writers when they know you like the stuff they're writing!
- Only for this meme, we are accepting Ian/Nina fics/prompts. Yes, they can be anonymous if you want. However, PLEASE warn very clearly if your prompt/fic is Ian/Nina. If you don't, your comment will be deleted. If a request doesn't include a warning for RPF in it, we are assuming it is for Damon/Elena fic and you can ONLY reply to it with D/E fic. If you reply with I/N fic, the reply will be deleted. THE MAIN COMMUNITY WILL STILL NOT ACCEPT IAN/NINA FICS. The only place where they are allowed is in this post.
-  Long and short fics welcome. Multiple responses are encouraged! If your fic is too long for the LJ comment limit, you can make another comment (please remember to use a subject like "Title Fic Part 2").
Next week, we will have a roundup post with a list of all the fics that have been posted and the prompts that are left unfulfilled! That way, each fic will have the attention it deserves :)
Tags: !kink and prompt meme
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